Video Calling for Ultracapacitor Innovation Makes Final Cut for X PRIZE Green Video Contest

imagesA video calling for innovation in ultracapacitor technology has made the final cut for the X PRIZE Foundation’s “Crazy Green Idea” video challenge.  The X PRIZE Foundation offers large awards for the achievement of one of their defined goals, typically involving scientific and engineering innovation.  They select goals with potential benefit to humanity.  In October of 2004 the X PRIZE Foundation awarded $10 million to Scaled Composites for the being the first private team to build and launch a reusable manned spacecraft into space twice within two weeks.  The historical flight of the Scaled Composites SpaceShipOne spaceplane attracted international attention.

The “Green Video Idea” is a call by the X PRIZE Foundation for submission of videos containing ideas for future X PRIZE goals.  “The Capacitor Challenge” was submitted by Kyle Good from Irvine, California, calling for innovations in capacitor technology.

The video contest attracted 133 submissions and “The Capacitor Challenge” was selected as one of three finalists.  The other finalists called for innovations in energy independent homes and reductions in home energy consumption of American communities.

“The Capacitor Challenge”  suggests that in order to win the X PRIZE:

The submission will be a real, working energy storing device that must:

  • Use only self-contained capacitors.
  • Exceed the energy density of average lead-acid batteries.
  • Fully recharge under one minute and up to 500,000 cycles.
  • Be completely recyclable and incorporate non-toxic materials.
  • Cost less than two times the price of average lead-acid batteries

As proof of utility, the submission should provide enough electricity to drive an electric vehicle for 100 miles, be recharged, and then driven back in order to win the X PRIZE.

The Video: “The Capacitor Challenge”

The winner of the Crazy Green Video contest and its $25,000 prize will be announced at on February 5th, 2009 at 7am EST.

EDIT:  “The Capacitor Challenge” won the XPRIZE Foundation’s “Crazy Green Idea” video challenge.  Read more.

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