2011 SoCal Ragnar Relay Time Calculator

I put together the following chart to calculate a team’s ETAs at checkpoints in the 2011 SoCal Ragnar Relay.   Based on the estimated pace for each runner, it provides estimated arrival times at the checkpoints and the finish line. This might be off some assistance in coordinating hand-offs, van transitions and conjugal visits.  Credit to Bill from Team UTOC Road Runners for unwittingly giving me the idea. ((Based on what I’ve read it looks like Ragnar Relay might offer a similar calculator on their site. But I haven’t been able to locate it, possibly because its use is restricted to team captains or possibly because it hasn’t be made available yet.))


  1. Click on the “click to edit” button below.
  2. In the column labeled “Runner” enter the name of each runner in the yellow cells.
  3. In the column labeled “Pace” enter the estimated pace for each team member in the yellow cells.  The pace must be entered in minutes per mile decimal format.  For example, if a runner is expected to run a 9:45 pace, you would enter 9.75 for that runner.
  4. In the column labeled “Estimated Start Time“, enter the team’s assigned start time in the yellow cell.
  5. Optional – download your chart by selecting the download option from the drop down list in the upper left of the chart area.

Information about mileage came from the Ragnar Relay site hereAccording to the Ragnar Relay organizers, some legs are likely to change.  Specifically, I understand legs 18 through 25 are likely to be totally different.  I will attempt to update the chart below with the new leg lengths when they are made available. (revised Feb. 24th, 2011 with updated leg lengths).  That being said, I make no representations about the accuracy of anything in this chart.  So if it miscalculates your arrival time and your wife/kids/mother miss an opportunity to take a sweet picture as you cruise by a checkpoint, don’t blame me.  I’m just a geek with a blog.

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  1. Nice work Jacob, I’m impressed! This should help greatly when it comes time to update the legs. Supposedly, the new legs will be posted after 2/25. Thanks for sharing.

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