JetLev-Flyer: The Flying Personal Watercraft

jpMS Watersports Gmbh out of Germany is now selling the JetLev-Flyer, a water propelled jet pack.  The design looks both novel and simple.  Based on a video from the company’s website, it appears the JetLev-Flyer works as follows:

  • The rider/pilot straps on a jet pack.
  • The jet pack is connected to a hose that runs to a float about the size of a personal watercraft that sits in the water.
  • The float follows the rider around. The float has a four stroke engine that pumps water up the hose to the jet pack and is shot out of the jet nozzles in the pack. The force of the water shooting out of the jet pack lifts the rider up. The rider can maneuver by controlling the direction and force of the jet.

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